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What is R-Value and Why Does it Matter?

Fort Worth Insulation

If you want to add more insulation to your home, or you are building a new home, the term R-Value will enter into your insulation conversation at some point. What does R-value mean and how important is it to you? Let’s clarify a few things first.

In the context of a conversation, an insulation provider may say your attic is R-20. R-value is a measure of thermal resistance, or the ability to prevent the transfer of heat. The larger the number, the harder that insulation is working at preventing heat conduction. The less heat loss, the lower your energy bills.

So how much R-value is enough, or energy efficient? As a rule of thumb, you want the R-value in your roof to be at least R-30, but R-40 to R-60 is ideal. Also, make sure that your home has no leaks, where air can leak into the home from the outside.

If you repair the leaks plus improve your insulation, you’ll see an immediate drop in your energy bill. Let’s get started today. Email us here.


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