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Most of the other fiberglass insulation and spray foam insulation companies operating in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are only quoting jobs and selling insulation products.

Many companies in this market appear to have become somewhat ubiquitous to its market and its competitors…they all look alike, sound alike and do all the same things.

We at Foamaster are more than the sum of our products.
We bring a professional, consultive sales approach based on what we recognize are the most advanced energy saving building techniques in the world. Our professionalism, knowledge and commitment to quality are the cornerstones of Foamaster.

We have partnered with an engineering firm to offer our builder customers complete HVAC plans and heat load calculations. When a builder gives us a packet to bid, we give them these HVAC and heat load calculations based on the insulation package that the builder selects. The builder can give their HVAC contractor the complete plan that has been designed by a seasoned professional engineer with years of experience in the industry and know with confidence that the layout has been done correctly and the unit has been properly sized.

Once insulation installation is complete, our BPI and HERS certified technicians will be available to perform blower door tests to make sure the home is performing at a level that meets current codes.

We also partner with home builders in energy efficient building technology by helping them market themselves as energy efficient builders within their respective markets. Builders can talk to their owners about the techniques that we use to add value to their service.

In addition to open and closed cell foam, we install fiberglass batting, fiberglass spray, cellulose, attic-fill, Johns Manville Spider insulation and more.

Send us your building plans today and see how we’re different. Contact us and let’s get started!