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What is R-Value and Why Does it Matter?

If you want to add more insulation to your home, or you are building a new home, the term R-Value will enter into your insulation conversation at some point. What does R-value mean and how important is it to you? Let’s clarify a few things first. In the context of a conversation, an insulation provider […]

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The History of Insulation

As we look back several centuries, there have been many different methods for insulating a home, including cloth, paper, mud, even grass. In fact, insulation hasn’t always been a part of the construction process. Believe it or not, ancient Egyptians were the first to use asbestos to insulate their homes. Ancient Greek and Roman houses invented […]

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What is an Energy Audit?

Foamaster wants to partner with Dallas Fort Worth area homeowners to help them identify the energy problems in their homes. We then prescribe which types of insulation will improve the comfort of their home. We offer a free energy audit to all homeowners of existing homes. What is an energy audit? It’s an inspection and analysis […]

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Upgrade your Insulation and Save Money

  One big reason why Dallas – Fort Worth area homeowners call us is to solve comfort-related issues. Do any of these apply to you? Rooms in your home that are always hot in the summer and cold in the winter, no matter how long the heater or air conditioner is running? In the winter, do you […]

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