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Spray Foam Insulation: Both Insulation and Air Sealant, Part 2

Spray foam insulation is known as an efficient type of insulation to most people. Did you know that it also acts as an air barrier? Over 90% of homes have those corners or ledges where the comfortable air can escape. These are common spots for air leaks that spray foam can seal: Recessed lights Hollow spaces in […]

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Spray Foam Insulation: Both Insulation and Air Sealant, Part 1

Spray foam insulation acts as insulation and as an air sealant or barrier, closing those gaps and corners that let air escape in your home. The U.S. EPA Energy Star program states that if you add insulation and seal air leaks, you could save up to 20% on your monthly energy bills. Up to 56% of the energy […]

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Oncor Energy Efficiency Programs: Get Money for Insulation!

Did you know installing the right amount of insulation in your home will not only help reduce your heating and cooling costs, but also make your home more comfortable? Foamaster is dedicated to helping you identify areas where energy efficiency can be improved to help you conserve and save energy as you enjoy your comfortable […]

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