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At Foamaster Insulation, we do more than sell and install foam insulation.  We offer an array of services that allow you to create comfortable, energy-efficient homes – whether you’re building starter homes for young families or multi-million dollar custom homes.  Comfort and Efficiency … these are our watchwords.

Air Infiltration

Having a keen understanding of the entire building envelope is crucial for the insulation professional. We realize that stopping air infiltration is the single most important variable in creating a comfortable and energy efficient building.

Because of our commitment to stopping air infiltration, we have developed a proprietary blended product that is applied by a unique delivery process before any insulation has been applied.  This is how Foamaster Insulation differentiates itself from other insulation companies.  And it’s the first, and most important step in showing builders and remodelers our dedication to their projects.

HVAC Design/Heat Load Calculations

As a builder, you know the importance of a properly designed HVAC system for your new home, building and remodel projects. The correct duct design, return and vent placements are crucial to getting the most efficiency from the HVAC system.  Not to mention, when you have the correct heat load calculations, your project has the exact amount of tonnage to get the job done – without oversizing or undersizing.

In most foam insulated houses, the HVAC tonnage should be reduced by approximately 40-percent, compared to a fiberglass insulated house.  Most HVAC companies offer this type of consultation as part of their service, and generally do a pretty good job. However, if you need this type of consult, we can provide it to you.

Who does this consultation for us?  In fact, we have a real live rocket scientist by the name of Dr. Mike Busby.  Dr. Busby has been a part of Foamaster Insulation since its infancy.  Not only has he worked as a consultant for NASA, he has taught engineering students for the last 38 years at Tennessee State University.

His knowledge, research, and published articles are not the only reasons we keep him around.  He is a really great guy and actually raises our IQ considerably, so he’s staying!  But seriously, Dr. Busby offers a wealth of knowledge on HVAC design, ductwork, building envelope design, and energy conservation. And he’s available to our clients.

Energy Performance Reports

Thanks to the Texas Legislature passing House Bill 1736, there are two paths to satisfy current Texas building codes in 2017.

You may be most familiar with the prescriptive method which follows the letter of code, but the method we recommend is the performance method. This method allows for State of Texas approved Energy Performance Software (REScheck, REM/Rate, etc.) to be used to determine if the use of high performance insulation materials will meet or beat the performance of the proposed prescriptive method, stated in the 2015 IECC Energy Codes.

If you are a builder, and would like to be able to use the Energy Performance Reports for your projects, please call us! We would be happy to run those reports for you, so you can use them at the time of pulling your building permits.

 Insulation Products

The insulation products we carry and use, are as varied as the homes and buildings we insulate. Our top performing products in regards to comfort and efficiency are our polyurethane products or “spray foam” insulation.

Depending on the specifications of the particular project, we have multiple brands and densities from which to choose. In most residential settings, we have foam products ranging from a .4lb open cell foam with incredible yields for very tight budget constraints (like most production building scenarios) to 1lb open cell foam that has amazingly high R values.  The good news is that the 1lb open cell foam is prices the same as what many other insulation companies sell their .5lb foam.

We also insulate a great number of metal buildings and barns. The foam product we typically use on these projects is a 2lb foam that offers incredible insulation value, and adds a tremendous amount to the structural integrity of the building.

If your project is extremely budget conscious, but still needs quality insulation, we offer blown loose fill and batt installation as well.

(Important note:  the higher the density, the higher the R Value and the more structural integrity, but the lower the yield.)

Again, whether you’re building one home per month or 400 a quarter, we offer a vast array of services that can help you create a comfortable, energy-efficient home or building that your customers will love!

Please contact our CEO Shane Batson at for more information.